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Automation and Human Analysts: Leading to Secure Cloud Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The growth of the digital era has made the cloud platform an integral part of a business to facilitate the smooth running of operations related to the collection and analysis of data. The growing cloud market has grown into an essential reason for the declining rate of expense on traditional IT infrastructure. Statista predicts, almost $60 billion will be spent on the cloud IT infrastructure in 2020.

The evolving cybersecurity threats have intimidated the users of the cloud platform, and have invited huge investments to make the cyberspace more secure. The Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019 deals with the threat issues examining data of almost 450 private- and public-sector organizations from the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore. According to this report, the phishing emails including both generic ones and 'spearphishing' messages to attack pre-targeted individual are the most common attack types, and malicious attachments struck almost 27 percent of enterprises last year.

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Managed cloud security services have gained huge currency today as they empower enterprises to have improved visibility and control over the cloud environment, and serve several complex tasks, such as account management, infrastructure service, sorting out misconfigurations in a multi-cloud environment, and intelligent services. Managed cloud security services escalate visibility in a complex multi-cloud environment and simplify the whole process of threat detection and removal.

A modern security team confronts with several diverse security issues and incident, and it is extremely tough for the security analysts to handle this massive range of anomalies. The risks coming from the unpatched systems demand a considerable amount of time from the security team. So, to make the human security team more productive, the monotonous and repetitive task of database patching has to be cloud automated.

The most important criterion of achieving secure cloud platform is the proper awareness and knowledge of the employees. So, enterprises have to train and update their employees properly against tricky and advanced attacks and have to enforce appropriate policies and remedial measures while leveraging third-party cloud services.

In this era when technological advancements are growing on a formidable pace, it has become essential to accumulate and analyze huge data sets safely. From digital financing to connected smart vehicles, everything demands ensured cybersecurity while handling customers' sensitive data, and this goal can be achieved through the implementation of proper security measures in the cloud environment.