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Automation, Trust, and Competent Professionals: Developed Finances

By CIOReview | Monday, July 15, 2019

The digital transformation in accounting and finance industry has changed the face of finance. The industry has grown substantially and has much more scope of development.

FREMONT, CA: The scope of digital Transformation (DX) is increasing in the accounting and finance industry escalates further year after year. Accounting and finance professionals have been renowned for obsessing with quantification and audits. The critical business support function is subjected to transformation into a valuable strategic role with the courtesy of DX. 

The key driver of this transformation is trust, as it maintains the critical balancing act of development and maintenance at all levels of the sector. The key aspects that make up a foundation of trust on which DX can be launched are excellent communication, culture, transparency, consistency, empathy, and having the right people with core competencies in place.

With the use of DX, the organizational staff can be freed of the burden of performing repetitive tasks and be able to focus on work that requires human knowledge and the ability to take swift, confident decisions. Automation can take over the task of finance and accounting for employees in the organization, instead of people considering it another burden.

The Future of Finance after Transformation:

The accurate picture of current and imminent trends in the unrelenting pace of change sweeping through the industry is pieces of evidence for the digitalization affecting the future of finance.  The DX pressure has affected every function of the finance business and has enabled it to ride through the global inflection point. It has also affected the finance functions to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions supported by unpredictable online and social media trends.

Regarding the matter of trust culture, the finance functions have been urged to be more forward-looking in terms of enhancing risk management and forecasting. The financial data always imparts a more profound meaning when complemented with non-financial data, especially to achieve such predictive tasks.

Although technology can automate tasks and even radically transform businesses, its potential is only as great as the people who leverage and utilize it. For the DX journey to be fruitful, it has to center around corporate cultures, the human element, and trust with faith that binds talent to an organization’s business succeeds. 

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