Automic Launches DevOps Consulting Service for Greater Agility and flexibility

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: IT organizations are constantly looking for new applications to deliver quick services along with existing infrastructure.  To this end, Automic  has launched its new DevOps Consulting Service to develop innovative strategies and achieve greater agility in changing business space.

The service is a management and technology advisory platform aimed at guiding enterprises to transform their IT structure and maintain constancy across different sectors with standardized processes and tools. The platform provides IT operations expertise, achieve agile development methodology, and provide automation option across entire organization.

“IT organizations are under intense pressure to quickly deliver new services and adapt to existing ones, all without disrupting current applications. However, we see our specialized and unique service as a necessity for any organization adopting the DevOps methodology; a support network that will help you understand and adopt the benefits of DevOps. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure our clients have the knowledge and skills to scale their DevOps initiatives across their entire organization,” says Michael Schmidt, Senior Director of Automic’s DevOps Consulting Practice.

Key Expertise Provided by the Service

The service is committed to work towards organizational change and provide guidelines for specific services, including review options by providing appropriate feedback and guidance for DevOps initiative; offers specific business context; defines DevOps vision and roadmaps the operational structure; assess automation maturity which assess maturity level in the continuous delivery automation tool chain.

Another striking feature is the DevOps production integration toolkit which offers IT operations department specific features to become more agile and accelerates all production integration activities for a new release.