Automic PlugIn: A Dedicated Platform for Business Automation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Automic, a software company that provides business process automation, application release mechanization and infrastructure workload computerization, launches the new Automic PlugIn Marketplace providing the ability to buy, download or contribute plugins to drive automation for enterprises.

The Automic PlugIn Marketplace enables customers to tap into the knowledge of the global Automic community to access, or even request new solutions that can be shared with the broader community. It is built for DevOps IT world which can be accessed via front end or via the Github backend. It will also help to find solutions to new problems quickly and safely, capture knowledge for re-use by their global peers inside and outside their organization, and establish credibility and connect with other IT professionals working on similar problems and technologies.

The Automic PlugIn Marketplace features hundreds of Business Automation templates and solutions for any enterprise automation need – from workload automation to service orchestration, DevOps initiatives, Big Data Operations and even Social media outreach.

“The Automic PlugIn Marketplace offers a multitude of opportunities for customers and partners to add, consume and market complementary components that will extend their automation capabilities,” says Dr Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst at Bloor Group.   

Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer, Automic comments that the Automic PlugIn Marketplace is like the App Store for customers. It creates opportunities for our partners and customers by enabling them to easily develop, integrate, publish and monetize their innovative solutions as well.