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Availing Benefits of IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Enterprise decision-makers are constantly seeking to avail the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) even as its adoption is slowed by its complexity and security challenges. Large-scale IoT deployments are quickly becoming reality with the pending commercialization of standards-based 5G networks. Cradlepoint has found that flourishing enterprise IoT projects need a flexible enterprise WAN with an elastic edge to enjoy the benefits of rising bandwidth and lower latency.

Cradlepoint recognizes that their customers need to be prepared for IoT-related necessities like customer analytics sensors. It thus launched its NetCloud Solution Package to ensure safe device-to-cloud connectivity. This employs software-defined perimeter security, which protects IoT devices using perimeter-secured virtual overlays having private IP addresses. Software-Defined Networking seeks to authenticate the device at the local side before connecting to the network.

5G evolution is expected to support varied IT applications, ranging from ones that do not need much latency or throughput, to latency-sensitive, data-intensive use cases. Improved IoT devices are expected to be cheaper, have better battery life and an enhanced cellular footprint. IT services, education, retail/wholesale, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, and government have become the top industries for IoT implementation.

Distributed enterprises come across a combination of traditional and IoT devices, some of which have low bandwidth while others are low powered, while they need to be extremely fast and reliable with respect to WAN. The commercial availability of 5G calls for improved latency. The distribution of functions like software-defined perimeter re-centers the security to the cloud to provide a secure environment while maintaining the latency improvements 5G is trying to assure.