Avaya Assists ProMedica in Realizing Smart Healthcare

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Kevin Kennedy, President & CEO, Avaya

Kevin Kennedy, President & CEO, Avaya

SANTA CLARA, CA: The rising demand for full-service urgent-care centers has led to the opening of many such facilities across US in recent years. Inspired by this trend, ProMedica, a not-for-profit healthcare chain providing cost-effective medical services launched several urgent-care clinics throughout Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan. The newly opened centers required a robust IT networking solution for advanced Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation as well as patient monitoring applications to bring about and sustain growth. Avaya, with its state-of-the-art networking solution, Fabric Connect, facilitated synchronization between the urgent-care centers, allowing ProMedica to deal with the growing consumer demands.

“As we were tasked with evaluating the value of our other network provider and Avaya, we found speed to delivery and cost more favorable with Avaya, making the decision clear that Avaya is the right way to go for all our networking needs,” says Ben Vickers, Director of IT, ProMedica.

Avaya’s software-defined networking solution Fabric Connect delivers an agile infrastructure that helped ProMedica save deployment time while enhancing the network’s reliability. The solution also offered uninterrupted deployment of applications and services by eliminating bottlenecks present in ProMedica’s networks. Moreover, Fabric Connect’s multicast capabilities allowed ProMedica to move away from the traditional Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), which was unreliable and had a negative impact on patient care.

“When we first investigated Avaya Fabric Connect, we thought it sounded too good to be true. There wasn’t any of the traditional complexity, but it promised to deliver all the resiliency we needed. Crucially, the way that it handles multicast was very exciting because we knew that we needed to do something different; business as usual was not an option for ProMedica,” states Bruce Meyer, Technical Coordinator of Network Engineering, ProMedica.

The deployment of Fabric Connect enabled ProMedica to use a single service for multiple applications while significantly improving patient service. In addition, the solution delivered several positive outcomes for the organization including higher productivity in the contact center, rapid recovery from network outages, and cost savings via the ability to connect two data centers. With its superior networking and multicast capabilities, Avaya helped ProMedica to realize smart healthcare by improving patient care and meeting the rising industry requirements.