Avere's Virtual FXT Edge Filers Integrates with Google Cloud Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA: Avere Systems, the hybrid cloud storage provider announces a  tie up with Google Cloud Platform to solve the latency and performance issues of fetching data from the cloud. It offersVirtual FXT Edge filers’ that facilitates customers in moving compute intensive workloads and large data sets to Google Cloud Platform while retaining the data in the current on-premise resources.

“Avere’s journey began with NAS optimization and then expanded into hybrid storage. Enabling cloud compute was a natural progression for our product,” says Ron Bianchini, CEO and President, Avere Systems.

The product has already impressed the Google Cloud Platform customers through its flexible and quick workflow to store data and run applications over on-premise or on cloud. Edge filer technology is simple to install and manage providing Network-Attached Storage (NAS) functionality making data highly available.

“When Framestore began working with Avere Systems, its FXT Edge filers were deployed to help us manage the massive rendering and storage performance requirements while working on the film Gravity,” states Steve MacPherson, CTO, Framestore.

Big benefits are offered by the products like flexibility of using as much cloud storage as required and moving data between Google Cloud Platform resources and the existing on-premises NAS; allows clusters of 3 to 50 nodes scaling performance and capacity; easy to install, configure and connect Google cloud storage with the existing storage without any down-time; and simplifying data access for users by joining Google Cloud Storage, on-premises storage and legacy NAS with Global Namespace.

“Today, we're increasingly excited about the possibilities that cloud computing offers us in terms of agility, especially during periods of peak provisioning when we are pushing hard to meet production deadlines,” explains MacPherson.