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Aviatrix Associates with Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance to Leverage Cloud Native Networking

By CIOReview | Monday, June 6, 2016
Steven Mih, CEO, Aviatrix

Steven Mih, CEO, Aviatrix

FREMONT, CA: Aviatrix, a company specializing in cloud native networking services, announced that it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. This is a significant step by Aviatrix to help businesses benefit from the Microsoft Azure platform, as most of them are veering to Hybrid Cloud.

The Aviatrix cloud networking native software is compatible with not only Microsoft Azure but also supports Google and Amazon web services. It creates and manages an encrypted private network in the cloud. As networking with cloud is getting complicated with each passing phase of technology, it becomes cumbersome to interconnect virtual private clouds. Even user access management presents considerable challenges. Considering these factors, Aviatrix avers to scale out Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and to connect sites and users to the cloud securely.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Microsoft Azure,” says Sherry Wei, CTO and co-founder of Aviatrix. “Our solution makes cloud networking extremely simple. Deploy in minutes and configure and manage your cloud network with an easy point and click.”

The solutions allow users to access cloud resources from any geographical location and it supports a number of devices. Aviatrix is one of the early providers of VNet peering solutions that permit direct access to Microsoft Azure resources. According to the company, it helps avoid business disruption as the solution trims out the inessentials such as new hardware installation or configuration changes to the edge router.

Welcoming Aviatrix to the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance family, the Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure states “Together, our solutions will provide customers the ability to leverage the power of Azure cloud networking.”