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Award-Winning Online Learning Platform by Sandler Training and Lambda Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sandler Training, a sales management and leadership training development company, has announced a partnership with Lambda solutions to migrate the company’s complete training catalog to the Totara Learn Learning Management System (LMS) and Zoola Analytics reporting solution. The training company has taken the action of converting the catalog to enhance functionality, ease-of-access, and provide heightened maintenance to their proprietary LMS. The partnership has earned a 2018 Totara Award for Best Education and Training Project for Lambda Solutions.

Sandler Systems believes that the Totara Learn/Zoola Analytics solution is successful as it aids in the delivery of the online learning platform and virtual training to an array of customers worldwide. The LMS has delivered a finer quality training experience online, with the help of Lambda Solutions. The training sessions are reported to have increased by 200 percent in the first year of implementation of the companies’ online training programs.

Lambda Solutions has received an overwhelming response for the program, following which it kept the record of client satisfaction.  By being data-focused in its approach, the Company has progressed towards enhancing the learning process to produce better results for a training organization, teachers, and learners.

Sandler Systems caters to a global market, with 250 training centers for the provision of workshop program in corporate, sales, and online solutions, along with sales management systems and LMS. The training methodologies utilized by the have proven to exemplify quality in an unparalleled network of 31,000 professionals teaching in 23 different languages.

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The partnership between the companies has supplied an efficient learning tool—Totara Learn/ Zoola Analytics solution—to support a higher quality of training in LMS, sales management system, leadership qualities, and management topics including HR, COO, CRO, CMO, Sales Directors, and SVP/VP of Sales.