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Axiom Cloud and Turntide Technologies Join Forces to Address Energy and Maintenance Challenges

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Axiom Cloud aims to address grocery's energy and maintenance pain points by applying AI to its customers' refrigeration systems.

FREMONT, CA: Axiom Cloud and Turntide Technologies announce an agreement in which Turntide will become an investor in Axiom and license its technology. By remediating technological challenges and offering ongoing support, Turntide will assist Axiom Cloud to boost its impact on retail grocery and several other markets with commercial refrigeration assets. As part of the agreement, Axiom will license parts of its IoT infrastructure to Turntide to help Turntide's mission to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy motors.

Axiom is thrilled to trumpet this new chapter for its team, with Turntide's support. The company's mission remains the same that creating a more sustainable future by transforming commercial refrigeration. However,

Axiom is now singularly focused on offering scalable value through intelligent software and IoT systems. It is clear that Axiom Cloud can generate value for the grocery industry. Turntide is excited to work with Axiom, and the company looks forward to driving the synergies between Axiom and Turntide's HVAC and refrigeration offerings.

Retail grocery customers can subscribe to more than Axiom Cloud's apps and experience a simple payback of under one year. Its 'Virtual Technician' autonomously predicts and prevents equipment failures before they cause challenging refrigeration outages. Its 'Virtual Battery' transforms frozen inventory into an intelligent thermal battery to lower energy bills and unlock new revenue streams. These apps run on Axiom Cloud's IoT Platform.  Axiom Cloud is presently serving multiple top-20 grocery chains throughout North America.

Axiom Cloud uses AI and automation to transform the world's commercial refrigeration systems into intelligent, flexible, and resilient assets. Axiom's vision is to create a more sustainable future by enhancing the way the world's cooling systems communicate with the power grid and the atmosphere.