Axioma Releases Enhanced Tool Sets- Analytics, Risk Model Machine and Axioma Risk

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Axioma releases new tool sets 2016 R1 version of its Analytics, Risk Model Machine and Axioma Risk solutions. These innovative tools are used for creating models; statistics that   enhance the flexibility and workflow rate. “The latest versions of Axioma Portfolio Analytics and Risk Model Machine exemplify how we help clients to remain competitive and work with them to streamline processes allowing for further efficiency across the board. This is incredibly important, as buy-side firms are under pressure to demonstrate innovation in an environment of commoditized performance and investor demand for transparency,” exclaimed Mark Cushey, Director of Product Management, Axioma.

The new version—2016 R1 of Axioma Portfolio Analytics simplifies the implementing processes, and accommodates all the workflows including sortable Excel reports and faster factor-based performance attribution calculations which is fully integrated with Axioma’s fundamental. Additionally, in comparison to older version, new tool have the capability to upload any historical portfolio data with 2x-4x faster and improve the web services. Adding more value to tools, the new version of risk models machine help users to create their own custom risk models using Axioma’s IP to increase or reduce the number of style factors, industries or countries in the models over time. These increasing and decreasing factors help clients to adjust their risk factors and to approach their investments. While, Axioma Risk is an enterprise-wide risk management system that enables clients to obtain timely, consistent and comparable views of risk across the entire organization and across all asset classes.

The newly design tools of Axioma Portfolio Analytics and the Risk Model Machine follows many updates including pseudo historical and monte carlo risk statistics, custom statistic, partitioned stress tests, equity option improvements in Axioma risk. This approach help users to do work fast from linear exposures and risk simulation, and its statistics provides flexibility to combine any existing statics through mathematical operations. Further, its equity option improvement supports quanto options and dividend yield. Quanto options are American and European stock and stock index options whose currency is different from the currency of the underlying. Dividend yield is a fundamental pricing parameter that is now an integral part of stock and stock index option pricing.