Axiomtek Launches tBOX810-838-FL for Transportation Applications
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Axiomtek Launches tBOX810-838-FL for Transportation Applications

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA: Axiomtek, designers and manufacturers of high-performance PC-based industrial computer products, has launched the tBOX810-838-FL, a fanless rooted system with Intel Atom quad-core processor E3845/E3827 for Vehicle, Railway and Marine PCs.

Built for transportation-related applications, like onboard devices controller, train management, truck fleet management, marine transportation controller, data transfer, security surveillance and onboard infotainment controller, the tBOX810-838-FL is amenable with eMark, ISO7637 and IEC60945 standards. It is certified with EN50155 class TX (wide operating temperature -40 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius) and EN50121.

Prominent highlights of the newly-launched system are; it delivers intelligent power management solutions, with 9 – 36V wide range DC input and keeps all cables tightly secured in rugged environments with the help of M12 connectors and operational RJ-45 for its LAN ports. In addition, it offers two full size mini PCIe card slots and one SIM slot, watchdog timer, wide range DC input and intelligent power management design, 2.5” 9.5 mm SATA drive and high- performance DDR3 with 4 GB memory onboard.

“The system is versatile and is great for onboard and wayside transportation-related operations. It is also perfect for vehicle infotainment use and surveillance network applications. This palm-sized reliable railway embedded system offers options for mounting, including DIN-rail and wall mount for flexibility. Its good graphic capability and highly customizable features with numerous options help make it suitable for a variety of needs,” says Eric Chiang, Associate VP of the western US Business Unit, Axiomtek.

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