Axonom-Softronic Collaboration Offers Manufacturing Industry with Enhanced Sales Efficiency

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Taking a huge step forward, American software vendor, Axonom, announced its collaboration with Softronic consultants based in Sweden. The manufacturing industry is an integral part of Sweden, with companies like Volvo and Saab being their major players. Even though various Swedish companies are global giants, the sales teams in many still resort to spreadsheets, manual lookups and other out-dated and error-prone practices. This is a setback since most companies try to be as user friendly to their clients and customers as possible. So this collaboration comes as welcome news to the manufacturers in the country  and the other Northern European nations.

Softronic is an IT management and consulting services company who provide software solutions to mid-to-large organizations in Northern Europe and its new partner Axonom, is a software vendor and global provider of cloud based CPQ, visual 2D/3D product configurator and partner portal software solutions. Their software, Powertrak is a B2B management suite for manufacturing and professional services organizations.

The alliance will capitalize on Powertrak, a robust software that is integrated into or Microsoft dynamics, with the power to connect to any major platform. It provides solutions to speed up customer interactions, reduce paperwork and accept payments. It provides an end-to-end solutions for businesses to efficiently sell its products/services to the clients through comprehensive quoting, ordering and product configuration solution.

It empowers customers to build, design, quote and buy products accurately. Being a strategic sales and marketing tool rolled into one, it also helps marketers to increase web traffic, stimulate user engagement and strengthen brand loyalty.