Axway-Appcelerator Acquisition Cranks-Up Digital Business

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona: The app-building platform provider - Appcelerator has been recently acquired by Axway.  Appcelerator was founded in 2006 with a platform that allows anyone to quickly create great mobile apps, with the introduction of its popular Titanium SDK. “Axway, a global software company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries.  Axway currently has about 11,000 customers and about 2,000 employees,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO and Co-Founder, Appcelerator.

The details of acquisition were not disclosed by either of the companies, but the deal has been closed in favor of both the firms. For Axway the acquisition tends to bring their customers towards Bimodal-IT, which provides products with stability, security and agility so as to remain fast and competitive.

Three major reasons of the deal as seen by Jeff were that the Axway is passionate about the Appcelerator, so that unlocking backend data will help DevOps in innovating. Many companies rely on Axways software as the API suite is compatible with modern systems like B2B, Cloud and Mobile.. Secondly, Appcelerator’s strengths match with that of Axway’s. Thirdly, Axway has a bond of affection towards the Appcelerator and its community, as Axway has preserved the company’s culture, technologies and teams post-acquisition as well.

The acquisition will give Axway a presence in Silicon Valley, the platform will be used as a digital lab or innovation centre, foresees Jean-Marc Lazzari , CEO, Axway. “Axway is modernizing not only its product stack but its way to market. For us, Axway’s global footprint and significant investments in their API suite line up perfectly with both our own expansion aims, and our R&D roadmap,” says Jeff.

The union of the two firms will help the customers to have a single point view. The acquisition does not create a gap between current and previous versions of the product. Instead there will be improvement in some key areas, as the expertise from both the firms will be indulged in making innovations for building DevOps applications, which cranks-up the digital business towards a new era.