BAAP, BalanceCO2 Join Forces to Quell CO2 Emissions
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BAAP, BalanceCO2 Join Forces to Quell CO2 Emissions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FREMONT, CA: BAAP Technologies and BalanceCO2 designed and developed the cloud based software for manufacturing and distribution of stoves which will help in reducing the CO2 emissions from developing countries.

The multinational corporation sponsored program rewards countries and individuals who help reduce the carbon foot print. BAAP Technologies Corporation is proud to be a partner in developing products and processes that positively impact and protect our environment around the globe.

BAAP Technologies is a provider of process solutions and integrated business technology. The company with its products such as BAAP ERP, SAP RTrac and BlueDolphin is serving to the needs of industries such as banking, financial service, insurance, life science, aerospace and construction. The company finds partners in IBM and Siemens in developing business model, application and outsourcing solutions.

BalanceCO2 is a service provider of general environmental consulting and solutions for green house gas emissions. The company is currently working in 4 different continents lending there vast experience in environmental consulting and green house gas advisory to organizations to curtail the environmental hazards.

Renewable energy, landfil management, waste water management, energy efficiency, aforestation and reforestation are some of the services offered by BalanceCO2.