Backupify Highlights SaaS Data Protection

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FREMONT, CA: The recent report from Forrester titled “Back Up Your Critical Cloud Data Before It’s Too Late” reveals that many SaaS providers charge astronomical fee to restore data or worse, they don’t restore it at all. SaaS in its current booming period can be a cause of great data loss for organizations if they blindly rely on SaaS providers for getting them their lost data.

The report further enunciates organizations can adopt periodical backing up of their data on cloud. Automated transfer of data from one cloud to the other on a periodical basis can reduce the risk of data loss. The SaaS customer has to go through a manual process of exporting data to an external cloud on a regular basis incase if the user doesn’t want to depend only on his SaaS provider.

There are several ways by which a SaaS user may lose the critical data, such as: migration errors, accidental deletion, malicious insiders, hacktivists, rouge third-party applications, and deactivating the departing employee’s account.

To address such problems, the company Backupify provides backup and recovery solutions for SaaS applications. Backupify’s solutions helps customers in keeping their information safe and under the SaaS user’s control. Currently supporting over 7000 business, the company is witnessing soaring demand for its solutions as there is no sign of SaaS relenting.

Backupify currently provides its backup solutions for big companies such as Google and The company also provides automatic daily backup services to the social networks where it backs up the Facebook Business Pages and corporate Twitter accounts. Its solutions are used in sectors such as education, small businesses and enterprises. The company offers a set of Application Programming Interfaces that allow developers to create backups for other cloud applications in an easy manner. Backupify will be expanding its services to more companies which it is expected to announce in the coming days, reports Ian Barker of Betanews.