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Badger Meter to Run Solutions for Utilities

By CIOReview | Friday, February 21, 2014

FREMONT, CA: With the release of BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics, Badger Meter becomes the first major water meter company to release a cost-effective cellular based solution for system wide deployment. The BEACON AMA is a system that combines the AMA software suite with ORION Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology using fixed and cellular networks. The release of this software is designed to give utilities greater control, more information and enhanced customer service.

"BEACON AMA is a simple and innovative approach that enables two-way communication virtually anywhere and gives utilities the information and analytics they need without the time and expense of managing their own fixed network system," says John Fillinger, Director of Utility Marketing for Badger Meter.

Fillinger noted that utilities can minimize the need for costly infrastructure with ORION Cellular endpoints, along with fixed network endpoints, and can also capitalize on ongoing system maintenance and software support provided by the company. Further, utility managers can also better understand and monitor their water operations and improve customer service with the decision-making information provided by the BEACON AMA software suite.

Built around a robust software suite, BEACON AMA can easily import meter data and can utilize the information to improve operations and processes for each specific utility's needs. The software suite includes a customizable dashboard, the ability to set unique alert conditions, a consumer engagement website and a smartphone/tablet app for customers to view their water usage activity, a secure hosted platform, and integration into current utility business systems. Water utility managers can expect faster leak detection, easier revenue management, the ability to quantify the effects of their water conservation efforts, easier compliance reporting, and an enhanced customer service experience.

By utilizing the traditional Badger Meter ORION Fixed Network endpoints and gateways, along with ORION Cellular endpoints, a fixed network can now be configured to minimize infrastructure requirements and meet the unique needs of individual utilities. These flexible options allow a utility to apply the BEACON AMA managed solution to all services or to immediately get started with more critical commercial or industrial customers.

BEACON AMA is available exclusively through a managed service designed to minimize costs for deploying and maintaining the system. This allows utilities to focus their resources on directly managing their water delivery systems. It is available to all for an affordable one-time activation fee and a monthly per endpoint fee. Since there is no need for owned infrastructure, BEACON AMA pilot programs with ORION Cellular endpoints can be implemented quickly. The BEACON AMA managed upgrade program is designed to keep utilities in step with the latest technology advancements.

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