BAE Systems Launches Analytics Service for Corporate Social Monitoring and Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: BAE Systems launches new security analysis for corporate businesses in order to tackle adversities and attacks originating from social media, insider attacks among others. This ‘Corporate Social Risk Monitoring and Security Analysis Service’ helps corporate security teams secure their valuable assets across the geographical locations.

The latest analytics-based security offering from BAE Systems detects deliberate or accidental leaks of sensitive information and intellectual property by optimizing open source and social media feeds. It also deals with potential insider threats, social engineering attempts, smear campaigns, and other security challenges. Security managers through this service can take preemptive measures to avoid unwarranted security circumstances. On the ground, be it protecting an international event or a private board meeting, security teams can be one step ahead of the probable troublemakers by using the insights generated from the analytics.

This service delivers customers with insightful analysis by implementing proven analytical techniques which leverage both proprietary and off-the-shelf commercial technologies. Season intelligence analysts drill down the various data sources such as traditional and social media, web forums, discussion boards, and file sharing spaces in order to gauge engaging activities and their impact to business operations.

 Furthermore, the analytics solution from BAE Systems doesn’t just ensure security but also boosts business opportunities by providing a demography-based intelligence to the business operating in not-so-known markets and environments. The company’s analysts with regional expertise take into consideration, the client’s specific area of operation, nature of their business in a particular area, and the company’s values in order to generate actionable intelligence reports. Experts extract cultural nuances, discover influential factors over a particular area, and identify emerging trends so as to enable clients to tailor their business approach in the best possible manner.