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Baker & McKenzie and Nymity Declared a Strategic Alliance

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Nymity and Baker & McKenzie declared a strategic collaboration embroiling the integration of iG360, Baker & McKenzie's legal information governance compliance solution with Nymity Attestor, one of Nymity's privacy management solutions.

Baker & McKenzie, which is a global law firm headquartered in Chicago, founded in 1949, is ranked as the biggest multinational law firm worldwide. On the other hand, Nymity is an international data privacy compliance research company dealing in risk, compliance, and accountability of Privacy Office.

Now the clients of Baker & McKenzie's will be enabled the access of Nymity Attestor through the iG360 platform. Also Baker & McKenzie's information management practitioners could leverage the Nymity Attestor solution facilitating their clients with better assess and exhibit compliance and accountability of numerous business units over time via evidence gathering and easy-to-follow visualizations.

"The integration of Nymity Attestor with our iG360 platform will help us transform our clients' experience and increase their confidence when dealing with privacy and information governance matters," said Theo Ling, Chairman of Baker & McKenzie's Global Privacy and Information Management Leadership Team.

Terry McQuay, Founder and President of Nymity said, "We are very excited about this alliance with Baker & McKenzie. Using Nymity Attestor as a services platform will help the firm create a unique customer experience through innovating compliance." Nymity is up with constant researches to tackle the challenge of demonstrating compliance with regulations like the GDPR and the Privacy Shield. Successful alleviation of this barrier would allowed them to create specific add-ons for the GDPR and the Privacy Shield to be embedded in their platform.