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Balance Needed Between Technology and Hospitality

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The competition to earn the trustworthiness of the guests is at an all-time high for hotels, and many have turned to the latest technological trends to help them accomplish it. From hotels staffed entirely by robots to the newest trend of using facial recognition as room keys to unlock doors, flashy initiatives have been among media headlines for quite a time. Hoteliers need to find an equilibrium between technology and hospitality to provide what their guests need as sometimes the sector fails to align itself directly with customer satisfaction. 

In-Room Technology Wanted by Guests:

Hotels need to adapt to the new trends as travelers relentlessly seek accommodation away from their homes. According to surveys, more than three in five customers want their housekeeping services through a smart device, and two in five want to use hi-tech gadgets for check-in and checkout.

Partnerships have flourished between hotel chains and technology giants to deliver personalized services in the hospitality industry for guests to control lighting, temperature and TV content from their own smart devices.

Diversity of Communication Channels:

A prime component of hospitality is communication between guests and staff, and technology can enhance the process by streamlining the whole process. Integrated communication tools can keep the staff connected and track guest requests at the same time leading to efficient outcomes and satisfactory results among customers.

Hotels should also seize advantage of wearables like smartwatches to give staff hands-free connectivity while they are mobile within the hotel. Smartwatches also provide a more discreet communication option for the employees, allowing them to connect on a more individual level.

Technology and Concierge Services:

Hotels also have an opportunity to be more than just a resting place for guests by culturally connecting guests to the local escapades according to their preferences. Earlier, hotel concierges had to keep track of activities manually, by developing their own knowledge of the area. But now technology helps concierges track local events on the digital calendar, and track guest activities so they can recommend personalized action for every guest.

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