Balbix Launches New Servicenow Integrations To Automate And Boost Cyber Risk Quantification
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Balbix Launches New Servicenow Integrations To Automate And Boost Cyber Risk Quantification

By CIOReview | Friday, September 2, 2022

Integrations with ServiceNow CMDB and ITSM seamlessly link cyber risk to business hierarchies and risk mitigation procedures, saving millions of hours in the process.

Fremont, CA: There are only a few product manufacturers, vendors in adjacent fields (such as cyber risk ratings), and consulting companies that provide CRQ services. Supporting customers in established industries, such as financial services, in establishing CRQ initiatives has generated significant income for consulting firms. Although consulting firms have proved the effectiveness of CRQ, this strategy is ultimately unaffordable due to its high cost and lack of sustainability and repeatability.

Balbix, the cybersecurity posture automation pioneer, collaborated with ServiceNow, the premier digital workflow business today. Customers may now automatically enhance cyber risk data with business context and connect remedial activities with their current security and IT procedures as a consequence of the integrations. CISOs may save thousands of hours of the time necessary to operationalize cyber risk quantification (CRQ) in dollars, closing the cybersecurity-business gap.

The integration with ServiceNow's configuration management database (CMDB) enables Balbix customers to instantly ingest business context from their CMBD into the Balbix platform, where it gets combined with the asset, vulnerability, and risk data from other IT and security tools, as well as Balbix sensors, to create a unified cyber risk model presented in dollars. Data is automatically deduplicated, correlated, and inferred, reducing the human effort required for teams to add business context to cyber threats and prioritize and measure them.

According to Balbix's 2022 State of Security Posture Produce, businesses cannot report meaningful CRQ findings, with 62 percent admitting they cannot evaluate their breach risk in monetary terms. Furthermore, the survey found that 51percent of firms lack continuous access to asset inventories, making it impossible to link risk with business context. Instead, they rely on walled systems, manual procedures, and qualitative analysis to assess the exposure.

Aside from automating powerful CRQ capabilities, the connection with ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) minimizes human labor by allowing security teams to create ServiceNow remediation tickets directly from Balbix. As a result, security and IT teams may boost productivity by employing a familiar and common framework for remediation procedures. Furthermore, security analysts may generate tickets to fix a risk for a single impacted asset or a collection of assets to more quickly outline remediation actions and decrease the mean time to remediate (MTTR) risk problems.