Barloworld's CAST Flow Solution to Swift Domestic and International Supply Chain Networks

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Barloworld has come up with 'CAST Flow solution' in its CAST supply chain modeling software to provide domestic and international supply chain networks with flawless flexibility. Barloworld, developer of flexibly deployed Software Solutions Company enables clients to solve supply chain challenges in designing, expansion and execution level.

Basically, CAST Aurora a supply chain planning software application used for global supply chain network modeling, network design and supply chain optimization. Now Barloworld has launched an integrated feature of demand planning and forecasting which will facilitate organizations to create short term model. It will help in end-to-end supply chain in short period and long period supply chain operations.

Now-a-days companies are pre-planning their network designs which is deviating their focus to re-model their existing designs. CAST Flow will therefore integrate the demand of planning as well as forecasting, allowing organizations to make a short-term model which will balance both proceedings. It will also approve faster response to supply chain disruption and unexpected change in manufacturing of any firm.

This mechanism will entertain demand planning, forecasting and Stock Keeping Unit flow advancement to evaluate supply, inventory levels and flow of product within network limits, conceded Fraser Ironside, Director, Barloworld Supply Chain Software.