Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service Enable Enterprises Handle Compliance Effectively

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Barracuda Networks, a cloud-connected security and storage solutions provider, introduces a new Cloud Archiving Service to help companies address compliance and eDiscovery requirements in Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and other on-premise or hybrid environments. The company also outlined its Microsoft Office 365 strategic initiative designed to help organizations manage their businesses more easily, securely, and efficiently when deploying and operating in Office 365.

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service assists organizations with compliance and eDiscovery requests effectively and easily when used with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and other on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. It offers productivity features, including mobile applications for end users to search and retrieve email at any time from any device. This service requires no hardware or software installation and its productivity feature including mobile applications for end users giving them just read only access to search and retrieve email at any time from any device. The unmodified copy of every email sent or received will be captured and stored securely in Barracuda Cloud, without the risk of deletion.

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service offers extensive search and discovery capabilities, managing selected data outside the operational environments on a separate secure archive copy of data. The customers will now have accurate data retention for each legal search, operational compliance, and discovery exercises.

“As organizations increasingly move to cloud environments, the need to easily access and protect their email data does not change. Barracuda has a rich history of providing advanced technology to protect on-premises information for many different organizations, and we continue to innovate to help protect data no matter where it resides,” said Rod Mathews, GM Data Protection, Barracuda. “The new Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service extends our cloud strategy and helps organizations address a variety of compliance and eDiscovery requirements, particularly as many organizations are transitioning their businesses to run on cloud platforms like Office 365. The new service enhances Office 365 with the additional functionality needed to support sound information governance practices, and supports on-premises, cloud-only, and hybrid deployments,” he noted.