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Barska Biometrics Adds Its Fingerprint Scanning Storage Device to Its Biometric Safes and Lock Box Series

By CIOReview | Friday, February 20, 2015

POMONA, CA: Barska Biometrics, provider of in biometric security technologies, has added the new IBOX dual fingerprint scanning storage device to its already popular line of biometric safes and lock boxes.

The lightweight and portable design of the new IBOX lends itself well to on-the-go storage, making it ideal for securing valuables while traveling. The compact size makes it well suited for discreet storage, such as in a desk or a filing cabinet. It's unique dual biometric sensor allows for quick and easy use while eliminating the need for a key. Either one of the dual biometric fingerprint sensors can be used to open the device, with the second sensor serving as a backup unit.

Biometric fingerprint recognition technology of the new IBOX immediately detects when a finger has been placed on one of the dual biometric scanners, eliminating the need to press an initiation button to activate the fingerprint scanners. Within 1 second, IBOX can accept or reject the fingerprint that it has analyzed with less than .0001% divergence of accuracy.

A silent access mode allows the user to program the IBOX so that the sound alerts are silenced when accessing the IBOX. Also a security alert notification built into the IBOX that notifies the user when the IBOX has been left open or has not been closed all of the way. This ensures that the IBOX is not left open by mistake and the contents remain secure at all times. The IBOX’s intelligent activation fingerprint scanner is extremely energy efficient, providing up to 2 years of battery life on 4 AA batteries. The IBOX is ready to program right out of the packaging, and only takes a quick moment to program the initial fingerprints into the database.

IBOX can store small electronics and money while the user is on the go. For students, IBOX is perfect for storing data storage devices and important papers, or for securing other valuables that may be in a dorm room. Another application of the IBOX is the storage of prescription medication. With its advanced fingerprint recognition system, IBOX ensures that only registered users have access to the medication inside. The IBOX also has a low working temperature, allowing it to be used for refrigerator storage for medications like Insulin.