BatchMaster ERP Partners Polysciences to Contribute in Life Saving Medical Technologies

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

LAGUNA HILLS, CA: Polysciences has invested in BatchMaster’s proprietary ERP B1solution to boost their GMP operations. Polysciences will be implementing these latest innovations in medical technologies and manufactures reagents, microspheres, polymers and monomers for many firms in medical devices, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Polysciences is planning to increase compliance and improve efficiency in their business operations by implementing BatchMaster ERP.

Polysciences has been operational since 1961 and from then working strongly for manufacturing and development of materials that are required for the sample preparation of electron microscopy. Their business is growing fast as the market continuously demands innovative technologies in the medical sector and they are fulfilling this need readily.

“We’ve outgrown our current ERP as our company now demands increased functionality in all departments, transparency to data for decision making, and one centralized location for master data.” states Tom Foster, Director of Supply Chain and ERP Transformation, Polysciences. “After a comprehensive review of ERP vendors, we selected BatchMaster ERP because of its ideal fit for our industry, Private Cloud platform, and out of the box functionality. With BatchMaster ERP we will reduce paper processes, improve access to information, and increase compliance capabilities including system validation.”

The next decade is going to face stimulating era in the field of medical technology. Along with improving the life standard of peoples, it will also save lives of many people’s that was not feasible previously. Polysciences aims to contribute to these innovations by collaborating with the firms that provides innovative products for the medical technology components.

“We’ve recently acquired new facilities to fulfill demand for our products and with the addition of BatchMaster ERP, our aggressive objectives for growth will be met,” Andrew Ott, Vice President of Shared Services, Polysciences.