BDNA's Collaboration to Streamline IT Portfolio Management

By CIOReview | Monday, June 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: BDNA collaborates with MEGA International to integrate its Technopedia with MEGA HOPEX IT Portfolio Management.This integrated technology will provide complete and updated technology lifecycle information to MEGA customers to manage technology obsolescence.

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and Technopedia are both designed to align IT resources with business needs, unify scattered information across the enterprise, better manage IT asset obsolescence, reduce risks, and deliver a single source of data about enterprise resources. Technology lifecycle management refers to a multi-phased approach that encompasses the planning, design, acquisition, implementation, and management of all the elements comprising the IT infrastructure.

BDNA Technopedia makes IT portfolio management faster and easier by providing consistent and accurate information about IT assets. Technopedia is the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. With this integration, MEGA customers can use BDNA Technopedia’s latest, most detailed information on the software technology of manufacturers worldwide to plan and manage strategic IT portfolio decisions and reduce the risks typically associated with IT transformation.

“BDNA’s product and market intelligence will help our customers become more agile, so they can sustain a competitive edge in today’s complex business environment. The broad range and reliability of Technopedia’s data will equip our customers with complete IT asset information at their fingertips every day. This will help them make smart and timely business decisions about how their IT resources can support strategic business goals.” Said Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA.