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Beefing up Cybersecurity Measures

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 14, 2017

In the wake of the recent cyber attacks like WannaCry and the Equifax data breach, many IT companies still claim to have their cybersecurity policies as ‘moderate’. From trojan attacks to malware softwares, cyber threats have plagued industries for many years. In order to tackle the issues, there are certain preventive measures that can be taken to minimize or prevent the cyber threats that could affect an organization or a system.

In order to demand more security, it is always recommended to use a two-factor authentication. As many systems use a single password or a pin number, enhancing the cybersecurity measures by adding another layer of security like facial recognition and fingerprint can be highly effective in keeping the threats away from the systems.     

Vulnerabilities due to outdated softwares has also become a major reason for cyber threats to infect the data. It is always recommended to keep the softwares updated so that the security threats can be avoided. Softwares like anti-malware and anti-virus softwares are an absolute must in order to steer clear any potential viruses or malicious softwares that enter the system. These softwares also provide firewall and encryption features for a seamless user experience without any cyber threats.  

Backing up the data and devices is an extremely important step even if a cyber threat attacks the system. Backed up data can help in restoring the critical files which might have been lost or deleted in the attack. Furthermore, on an organizational level, using a cloud service to back up employee data is also an effective method to beef up cybersecurity measures. 

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