Benefits of Automation in Oil and Gas Industry
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Benefits of Automation in Oil and Gas Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 7, 2019

Digitalization has touched every industrial sector with AI, machine learning and Automation technologies. Oil and gas industry is also gaining benefits of automation. Automation is increasing accelerated processes and safe work environments. Oil and gas industry with automation technology is creating efficiencies, and financial sense as opportunities exist from the wellhead to petrol pumps.

Automation tech has the capacity of drilling operations using continuous diagnostics based on sensor data from the drilling equipment. This increases accuracy and uptime, improving safety, and reducing cost benefitting the oil and gas industry.

Other benefits of automation technology like optimizing supply chains, spare parts management, and workforce deployment are given to the oil and gas industry. According to an industrial source, the global population will reach 10 billion people who need safe, reliable and sustainable energy by 2050.

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Automation technology is proving to be a cost-saving investment for oil and gas industry. Automation is used to improve various processes in the industry from boiler diagnostics to actual drilling. Automated tech is also compatible with data analysis making the system work error free. Huge machines can gather and assess extensive information within seconds in the company networks with the help of big data analytical systems.

Development of automation and mobile technology is seen in areas like sensors, big data, and control systems of oil and gas companies. Offshore and onshore organizations have also put efforts into reducing danger levels for the workers.

With the automation technology, data visualization tools can turn large data into powerful insights, identifying bottlenecks and problems. Automation can turn complex documentation into step-by-step processes that alert the systems if not followed correctly. New methods can be created with automation technology.

Digital oil fields are being implemented which lead to an increase in investments and productivity and complete projects within defined budgets and timelines. The oil and gas sector is looking at standardization as a vital tool to improve operational efficiency.

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