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Benefits of Flash Storage in Organizations

By CIOReview | Friday, November 30, 2018

Flash storage is booming and is rapidly becoming the fastest growing form of storage in enterprise environments. According to a report by IDC, All Flash Array grew by 41.7% year-on-year. Flash storage is ahead of disc-based and hybrid storage environments. Flash storage uses flash memory which is a solid-state memory chip with immovable parts, whereas traditional disc-based storage utilizes spinning platters. This difference in technology makes flash storage better than disc-based storage and coupled with an affordable price point; flash storage gets the upper hand over disc-based storage. 

The Benefits of Using Flash Storage

Flash has become cheaper over the years; however enterprises are looking past the cost and are focusing on flash storage benefits.

Handles Workloads Efficiently: Be it larger workloads or complex data sets and operations, Flash storage can manage it quickly and efficiently.

Durability: Flash storage comes with immovable parts which makes it more durable. If a disaster happens or the equipment is mishandled, the users don’t have to worry about losing data or damaging of the storage units. Immovable parts also lead to performing more efficiently.

Reduced Energy Costs: Flash storages use fewer resources than other storage systems which lead to company savings. These savings are a result of reduced energy costs since flash storage requires less power compared to other storage systems.

Compression: Flash storage can hold up to 5 times more data in the same location as it offers excellent compression. 

Better Performance: Huawei’s native flash design, Flashlink offers latency of 0.5 ms and delivers a 10-fold improvement over traditional storage solutions.

How is Flash Storage helping Industries?

Majority of sectors are going through a digital transformation, and these advantages are helping industries and sectors in all field achieve higher levels of efficiency and performance. Storage is also a part of the business, and proper initiatives are required to take a close look at storage as the foundation. As the companies are going through a transformation to handle more complex and data-intensive processes, its flash-based memory that assists organizations to implement solutions to manage performance and speed requirements. 

Future of Flash Storage

Flash is a rapidly evolving technology, and innovations are brought to flash continuously. One of the areas where flash lacks is handling “cold data.” However, innovations in the IT field make greater use of historical and backup data. All data is expected to be "hot data" in the future. This is a driving point for storage industries and can be strategically leveraged by organizations.