Benefits of Using AI in the Advertising Industry
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Benefits of Using AI in the Advertising Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

AI helps marketers in making better decisions for successful business operations, customer satisfaction, and return on investment.

Fremont, CA: Advertising and the surrounding landscape are evolving as a result of artificial intelligence. Advertisers want to make the most of the massive amounts of data at their disposal in order to produce more effective ads. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in advertising. Prior to the use of AI, determining the efficacy of ads and where to spend money was challenging. AI affects many sectors of the advertising industry including, planning, creativity, media spend, and analytics. All the factors play a vital role in the advertising industry. AI can provide advertising campaigns with a competitive edge by improving user experiences and reducing human error.

Here are four benefits of using AI in the advertising industry:

Personalized experience

The majority of customers desire experiences that are unique to them. Eighty percent of US shoppers are willing to trade some personal information for a more tailored approach from merchants, according to Forrester*. Personalization enables the business to build relationships with customers across several channels. The business will profit from enhanced brand loyalty and more relevant adverts, whether it uses conversational marketing or optimize creative messages to better engage with audiences.

Better user engagement with influencers

For brands wanting to create more personal connections, influencer marketing is becoming increasingly crucial. Influencers are one of the top three content creators for 17 percent of B2C marketers. Choosing the proper influencers, on the other hand, might be difficult. An organization may use AI to find the ideal thought leaders, develop a content strategy, and boost engagement across platforms.

Choosing the right target audience

It is a difficult task for marketers to ensure that the right people are targeted. AI may scan a variety of data sources to assess the likelihood of a user completing a given action, resulting in more successful and proactive marketing. To target new contacts and expand the sales funnel, AI can create look-alike audiences based on previous efforts. Organizations can also use artificial intelligence and location data to target people in the area of their store in order to improve foot traffic or make specific weather recommendations.

Better and quicker decisions

Marketers can make better decisions more rapidly if the correct data and insights are available to them. This is becoming increasingly vital in an ever-changing economy to ensure that ads remain relevant to the target demographic. For example, as the pandemic progresses, case counts in an area may rise and decline, affecting how an organization sells its items. Consumers are less inclined to visit a store when cases are on the rise. Businesses can make quick judgments to adjust messaging and change campaign focus if necessary by using AI.

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