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Best Practices of Big Data Analytics in SMBs

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SMBs are up and rising in the Gen-X times—never before have they been equipped with such capacity, intelligent solutions, and data analyzing technologies. But without understanding the best implementation practices, finding success is impossible. Some points to keep in check in concern with Big Data Analytics are:

• The SMBs have to streamline the problem to be solved by the Big Data initiative and ask the specific questions, which will help the attainment of desired business outcomes.  

• SMBs can use advanced Big Data tools and infrastructure, as well as technology availed from the cloud, in making the process of exploring large datasets more straightforward and cost-effective.

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• The use of high-impact business analytics makes it easier to determine the usefulness of data. SMBs can sort through available data to recognize correlating information.

• The storage of Big data needs to be designed in context with Cloud capacity.  The storage and access to copious amounts of data can extract most of the insights obtained. 

• To understand if the projects are practical and productive, the SMBs must consort with professionals and experts in the fields. It will also help in resolving various problems or understanding of Big Data and analytic Techniques.

• The potential of the company depends on how it analyzes available data. The shift from the descriptive dashboards and uniform reports to systems that predict and analyze data in real-time has increased the efficiency of the SMBs. 

•  Big Data analytics can focus on the provision of new insights that can immediately be transformed into keynotes that help strategize impactful decisions.

• The scheduling and working of the analytics in an outcome-based manner will assist the management of projects. To initiate and maintain sustained collaboration, communication should be in the continuum so that the systems can run efficiently rather than working on a null project.

• The balance between the experts transcribing the results and the techniques of Big Data needs to be at the optimal level, for the organization to perform based on Data insights.

• Since data privacy is a key issue, the access to Big Data programming has to be made clear and provided to only those who are qualified to handle it. The issues with governance and access must be looked on.

• The usage of Big Data is rampant thanks to the expanding social media presence, Cloud technology, and mobility. But, the implementation of Big Data needs to be taken stock of concerns and the optimal way to use it in SMBs.

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