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Better Business Operations with Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 7, 2018

In the current business landscape, use of data analytics has become quite prevalent. From credit card companies to the retailers everyone is dependent on data analytics to some extent. The information that different organizations acquire through data analytics gives them confidence in decision-making processes, leading to increased operational efficiency, and reduced risks. Even in-house counsel is into this trend of using data analytics. It is expected that this technology will have a prominent impact on the services provided by the legal department to any organization.

Currently, data analytics is used by legal departments mainly for eDiscovery. This technology helps companies in sorting through huge quantities of essential documents and in selecting those which will be used to discover a particular request. Data analytics is also used by In-house to understand the effects of several legal strategies.

Data analytics can be used by organizations for the better management of the information retained by a company, including developing policies.

In-house teams also resort to using data analytics for contact review. This technology can identify discrepancies, scan through a proposed contract and make team aware of the potential problems that can affect the organization negatively.

With data analytics opening up a whole new world of opportunities, law firms are also making use of it from for internal initiatives and client demands. With every tick of the clock, attorneys are getting exposed to the benefits of data analytics. It is leading to the better transfer of information and communication and is enhancing businesses of several organizations.

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