Better Patient Engagement with Secured Chatbot
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Better Patient Engagement with Secured Chatbot

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Brad Brooks, CEO, TigerText

Brad Brooks, CEO, TigerText

SANTA MONICA, CA: TigerText announced launch of HealthBot—a custom branded, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant messaging application that can be integrated in any web application architecture or mobile applications. HealthBot automates processes, drives organizational efficiency at low cost in the healthcare sector.

HealthBot allows patients to schedule medical appointments, inquire about medical side effects, or receive reminders to take their medication through a simple chat window. It aims to cater healthcare organizations, insurance providers, and large pharmacy chains with organized conversations and natural language processing systems. This is the first solution in healthcare that will use chatbots to lessen repetitive, routine tasks of medical representatives allowing advanced patient care.

“We want to play greater role in helping physicians and nurses by facilitating the flow of information and increasing the quality of healthcare services,” says Brad Books, CEO, TigerText.

In quest for improved healthcare services, HealthBot helps in determining a patient’s condition. Patients can exchange photos or videos of their present condition for immediate response using application virtualization technology. To keep each patient’s information protected, all messages of HealthBot are secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant.

For large pharmaceutical companies and drug retailers, HealthBot is a medium to improve their services and deliver an advance experience at an affordable cost. In case of medical emergency, insurance and its related matters makes it a time consuming state. HealthBot addresses this problem by answering common insurance queries like claims, coverage, or premiums. Patients can also know about outstanding balance in an insurance policy and get explanation as why their specific claim is denied.

With this new chatbot cumbersome task like prescription refill becomes quite easy as patients can order from the HealthBot chat and instantly receive confirmation and further updates about the order. The entire medicine delivery process is resolved through the HealthBot app alone, without the need of a phone call.

TigerText is fortifying healthcare with secured, scalable and real time messaging applications. Also it offers developers a range of tools, documentation, and API access.

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