BettorEdge Exceeds $3.5 Million in Sports Betting Orders in Less Than Six Months of Operations
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BettorEdge Exceeds $3.5 Million in Sports Betting Orders in Less Than Six Months of Operations

By CIOReview | Monday, July 26, 2021

Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs cause a recent surge in betting on social media.

FREMONT, CA: Bettor Edge, Minneapolis-based online no-fee sports betting marketplace and social network for sports lovers, has processed over $3.5 million in exchange orders since its January 2021 start. The increase in orders is attributed to increased interest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Two of these postseason games rank among Bettor Edge's top five most-ordered games of all time. Additionally, the platform's order volume has increased from May to June.

Bettor Edge is a betting platform that has been designed with the bettor in mind. Rather than losing money due to in-house favorite lines, deposit and withdrawal fees, and the inability to withdraw funds, when necessary, fans on Bettor Edge can swap bets without incurring any expenses.

“Odds are stacked against the bettor with traditional sportsbooks, and we’re changing that,” says James Seils, Co-Founder of Bettor Edge. “As bettors ourselves, we knew there was a need for a social marketplace and our growth in just six months validates the need for a betting experience like Bettor Edge in this industry.”

Bettor Edge is uniquely positioned at the cutting edge of in-play betting, gaining traction in the US market. Rather than depending on a pricing engine to determine the market price for each live play of a game, Bettor Edge users select the market price, eliminating the pricing engine’s requirement. In June, the PGA's US Open and Travelers Championship provided the platform with its two busiest weekends of in-play betting to date.

“Our sole purpose is to innovate for the benefit of the sports bettor,” says Greg Kajewski, Co-Founder of Bettor Edge. “Our growth is proof positive that putting the power back into the hands of the sports bettor through an engaging social media platform, is the type of experience that bettors are truly looking for. We’re excited to keep innovating our platform for the betterment of the sports bettor and excited to see how our growing audience utilizes our capabilities for the upcoming NFL season.”