BeyondTrust's Solution to Simplify Auditing and Meet Compliance Requirements
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BeyondTrust's Solution to Simplify Auditing and Meet Compliance Requirements

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PHOENIX, AZ:  BeyondTrust,a provider of cyber security announces the availability of the BeyondTrust PowerBroker Management Suite 4.0., a solution to simplify auditing and also to meet the compliance requirements.

Management Suite 4.0 adds NetApp auditing to PowerBroker Auditor for File Systems that ensures security, compliance and control of NetApp files and folders by auditing, reporting and alerting on all changes in real time.

The resolution comes with a new unified web console that enables admins to enforce consistent auditing policies across Windows Active Directory, Exchange, File Systems and SQL deployments. The web-based console supports the existing local application interface thereby increasing overall efficiency and flexibility.

With the solution, customers can audit changes and obtain alerts to get real-time visibility into potential compliance concerns, restore any Active Directory changes or deletions, backup and restore Group Policy settings to protect the business from downtime. The Site 4.0 also generates entitlement reports to ensure that users have access to the required resources only and it also centralizes distributed audit data that is extended throughout the Microsoft infrastructure to gain a unified view of changes across Active Directory, Exchange, File Systems, SQL and NetApp environments.

It is essential for any organization to leverage Active Directory and understand GPO (Group Policy Object) to expose potential risks or prevent mistakes from causing further harm. The PowerBroker Management Suite 4.0.allows customers to see before and after values in a GPO change and identify specifically what changed in the GPO itself. This new capability adds depth to audits by providing real-time visibility and helps reduce the risk of potentially damaging changes.

"At BeyondTrust, we know that admins and IT teams have their hands full when it comes to monitoring and maintaining business-critical environments like Active Directory, the new unified web console in PowerBroker Management Suite 4.0 responds to customer needs and innovate for the industry," says Brad Hibbert, CTO, BeyondTrust.