Bezalel rolls out a new Wireless Charger-cum-Case for the new iPhone

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

LOS ANGELES, NV: Bezalel, a consumer electronics firm specializing in portable wireless charging devices, has unveiled ‘Latitude’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016.

Latitude is a dual mode charger cum case for the iPhone that allows the user to use both Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Qi-based wireless charging. Being universally compatible, it can be charged in all public places and through products that offer the wireless charging option. Latitude comes in two different colours, black and white, for all of the iPhone 6 mobile variants.

"The latest iPhones are packed with features, but wireless charging isn't one of them," said BEZALEL CEO and Co-Founder Frank Wu. "The Latitude case enables iPhone users to use any wireless charger, whether it's a PMA charging mat at Starbucks or a Qi-based charger built into the center console of a Toyota."

Apart from the Latitude, Bezalel is also displaying a couple of other interesting products namely, the Prelude wireless charger and the Qi wireless receiver patch. Prelude is a Qi-based portable wireless charger which can be recharged and hence it is not required to be plugged in while charging the phone. The Qi wireless receiver patch on the other hand, enables wireless charging capability for both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy high end variants.

The Latitude debuted on Kickstarter last year, and is now available for pre-sale on the BEZALEL website. It will soon be available via Amazon and through retail partners world-wide.