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Big Data: A boon for Commercial and Public Health

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

With the data growing ‘big’ with every tick of the clock, an endless number of applications has also found place in the markets. This allows organizations to draw inferences about market trends across the globe, and thus plan their business trends accordingly. Big data is considered to be the key to solving many problems in both commercial and public health. Big data guides most medical decisions today, without the consumers being fully aware of it. Big data has unmatched potential and can help in commercial and philanthropic purposes. From making inferences about customer trends to planning and getting an edge over their competitors, big data can act as a game changer. It helps in commercial success by improving online services including effective advertising and targeting the right audience, thereby increasing sales, and client retention.

It’s not only the corporate sector that is getting benefitted by big data, but public sector organizations also have started to realize its potential. They use big data to maintain public health, maintain law and order, and deliver other citizen-oriented services. Moving ahead, as the volume of data increases and people find newer and better ways to leverage it, health services are bound to be amongst the ones that receive the highest push.