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Big Data About to Metamorphose the Restaurant Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: There has been an industry-wide shift to find means of improving the customer experience in the past few years. There is also a massive requirement for dining outlets and quick service restaurants (QSRs), to get on with a similar pedestal with the technology-driven customers. This is only the start of the Big Data revolution for the restaurant sector, whether by accelerating the ordering process or by improvising their re-targeting efforts. It is a crucial time as customers are paying more on food, and in exchange, they look forward to an enjoyable experience, through the restaurant’s application or dine-in options. Big Data will keep on having an impact on the food trade, and restaurant operators need to recognize why customer data is significant for strengthening the consumer’s experience.

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Need for Data:

The bottom line of customer-oriented data collection is that it enables marketers to understand their consumers and reach out to them in a more comprehensible channel. Not only does customer information supply valuable insights into understanding the target audience, but it also makes marketing strategy optimal for the utmost impact and effectiveness.

By leveraging key knowledge about customers’ behavior, location, weekly routines, and order preferences, marketers can group customers within customized targeting. An in-depth perception of the diverse preferences and habits of the customer base will help restaurant operators to distribute more custom-made interactions and generate more efficient marketing efforts.

Adapting to the Digital World:

In today’s era of instant information, customers have more alternatives than ever when it comes to deciding their next banquet destination. While consumers still value the material experience, the expediency of food delivery and online ordering services means that customers are likely to order frequently from their preferred restaurants. This association is equally advantageous―restaurant-chains enjoy the constant support of faithful customers, while consumers benefit from a sense of uniqueness when they are rewarded as regulars.

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For restaurant operators, real success is having direct access to customer data from online orders. Valuable insights are essential to hanging on to hard-earned customers and building a unique relationship with them.

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