Big Data Analytics Enables Cyber Fortification

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PALO ALTO, CA: Witnessing the rising cyber breaches and threats, Securonix and Cloudera collaborated to purge such cyber attacks and build an intense cyber security system. Securonix, an enterprise providing security analytics is capable of predicting, preventing, detecting and responding to enterprise cyber security threats. Cloudera provides data management and analytics platform hosted on Apache Hadoop open-source software framework. Securonix integrated their solution with Cloudera including data management, transparency and data storage capabilities, particularly utilizing solutions—Apache Spark, Kafka, Impala, and Solr.

Sachin Nayyar, CEO, Securonix commented, "The Securonix-Cloudera solution delivers on this promise by detecting the most complex, unknown and dangerous internal and external threats using the power of big data and purpose built security analytics."

Fetching real-time analytics from large data enables enterprises to identify threats and take necessary actions to avoid risks at low cost. "Organizations are realizing the promise of big data for security is not just in the amount of data collected but what you can get out of the data without hiring an army of security specialists with the knowledge of predicting the future," adds Sachin.

“With threats becoming more complex than ever, enterprises need an effective, modern security solution that can scale,” explains Tim Stevens, Vice President, Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera. Securonix’s security analytics leverages machine-based detection which studies the behavior of a system and its users for abnormal activities. The collaboration made Securonix reach beyond two-tier analytics to facilitate n-tier and on-demand analytics.

The collaboration brought-in solution which resulted in giving enterprises 360 degree transparency to detect advanced threats and risk-ranks events for proactive security management. The solution also facilitates advanced security analytics which includes identity, access, third-party intelligence and geo-location information. The solution caters forensic security event enrichment and analysis. Further, Securonix-Cloudera’s joint solution delivers strong authentication and authorization with Kerberos and Cloudera Sentry; it encrypts data for shielding privacy and sensitive data. The solution also solves critical security problems—data exfiltration, endpoint protection, privileged account misuse, patient record protection and internal and external fraud.