Big Data and Analytics- Helping Hotel and Hospitality Industry Re-shape their Ambience

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The hotel and hospitality industry involves a lot of entwined intricacies, whilst everyday millions of people make use of these services rendered by the industry. The major problem arises in realizing expectations of all these customers individually. This is where Big Data and analytics play a significant role to help the hotel and leisure operators in keeping their customers satisfied. So far, the hotel and hospitality sector has shown some amount of slack in completely utilizing the analytics platform, unlike sectors such as retail and manufacturing.

Big data analytics helps the hotel operators in identifying their valuable customers so as to help them keep such customers appeased. With that, these hotel chains are able to make well-informed decisions in terms of customer service and marketing. Yield management is another such process that ensures each room attracts the optimal infrastructure price, which is only done by utilizing the analytics platform. The process takes into account the peaks and troughs in demand throughout the year as well as other factors, such as weather and local events, which can influence the number (and type) of guests checking in.

Analytics and Big Data solutions have re-surfaced time and again; in the context of transforming the hotel and hospitality sector. Big Data helps hotel personnel to segregate among different sets of customers. As a result, these hotel chains are able to bring back the customers and establish loyalty by employing tactics like added incentives and promotions. Analytics solutions have been used by a major hotel chain to identify openly available public datasets on weather conditions and flight cancellations. This in turn helps the hotel operators in planning ahead, to launch a targeted marketing campaign in the geographically most affected regions, implicating 10 percent increase in business in those areas.