Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Founding the Digital Future
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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Founding the Digital Future

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

With the technology evolving at a rapid pace, AI and big data are complementing each other in enhancing the application of business data.   

FREMONT, CA: AI and Big data are the recent buzzwords of the century. Both these advanced technologies are driving a variety of real-time use cases and innovations. AI allows computers to do things that were once only the domain of humans. ML creates computers and software that can learn from data and apply the acquired knowledge to new data sets. DL creates neural networks that are designed to resemble the human brain and is also used to process data. With data being fundamental for AI operations, smart data analytics has become imperative for businesses. Improved big data methods create accessibility and visibility for information analysis. Big data algorithms can reveal patterns and trends by facilitating predictive analytics.

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There is an enormous amount of business data, like audio, images, and text data available. Data comes from the IoT, internet-based transactions, and other sources as well. Most online shoppers have already endured AI technology in the form of personalized shopping experiences, chatbots, and curated product references. AI has the potential to streamline operations and predict future client orders. This gives retailers the knowledge to better engage in inventory preparation and purchasing to predict and manage costs. Digital marketing is most effective when content is aptly targeted to the right audience. AI helps marketers customize and personalize target email content. It also helps in analyzing the results of content marketing campaigns.

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According to a study, AI plays a vital role in the area of content creation and will enhance access to necessary data. One of the fundamental areas where AI will impel the most growth and innovation in automation is the manufacturing space. Robotics is the most evident area where this is occurring. Robots are now modifying the manufacturing industry in a unique way. AI also plays an increasingly crucial role in research and development. Its software can be practiced for product testing and creation of simulations. It can also be practiced to predict maintenance needs and costs. Companies that adopt AI technologies are sure to stay ahead of the curve.

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