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Big Data and its future

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 9, 2017

Irrespective of the industry or the size of the organization, Big Data is magnetizing attention from entrepreneurs around the world. In our present world, unstructured and unstructured data keeps flowing in from various sources continuously and the momentum increases as time pass by. Therefore, it is important to leverage this data effectively for the growth of business across industries. For example, retailers who are capable of harnessing consumer data to derive insights on shopping preferences will be able to make alterations, which will benefit the future of the business. Additionally, this will aid in providing customized offers considering the personal preference and likes of the customers by leveraging the data received, which will result in increased revenues and hit rates. 

Big data analytics has also become a game changer when it comes to various programming languages today. Programmers need to be updated with the latest technology always. For example, the popularity of programming language C# has increased its reach more than the recent past. It was even named as the ‘programming language of 2012’ with the Popularity of Programming Language index. Recently it rose by 2.3 percent exceeding any other programming language across the globe. This defines the way big data has influenced programming languages in a positive way. The landscape of big data is changing continuously each day, along with the number of tools used to leverage it.