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Big Data and the New Genres of Gaming

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

With more than two billion gamers, the gaming industry generates close to 50 TB of data per day. This explosion of data is a result of the increased demand for more interactive games. And with games becoming more interactive, user expectations experience a constant upswing. To live up to this, developers are now turning to big data as it helps them understand gamer behavior.

Developers are using these garnered insights to improve and update game play in accord with the user’s expectations. These behavioral insights can also be used to design strategy while developing games. With the ability to estimate what gamers expect, gaming developers gain a better position that allows them to design games that pose challenges for gamers but do not frustrate them.

Big data can also be leveraged in a way to make online advertising campaigns user-interactive. Behavioral insights can be taken into account in order to understand the factors that despise users. Interactive gaming platforms can be developed for users by excluding those factors while advertising via online games.  Also, big data analysis can help developing games that would understand gamers’ instincts and in the process revolutionize and add new dimensions to the gaming industry. Conclusively, the next generation of gaming advancements will be an outcome of the integration of user behavioral analytics and related user data.

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