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Big Data Driving Revolution in Healthcare

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 19, 2018

In the current scenario of healthcare, people are no more just patients. People who look for healthcare solutions at present are more consumers than patients, and it is essential for healthcare organizations to ensure high-end facilities that empower these consumers. In order to develop a long-lasting relationship between the organizations and the patients, it is imperative that all the people data is assembled in a comprehensive database. Herein comes the importance of utilizing big data in the healthcare sector.

With big data at hand, healthcare organizations will enjoy the prompt availability of data at all levels. Vast chunks of aggregated people data structured according to the case histories of consumers, along with their lifestyle and food habits need to be analyzed through big data analytics thoroughly which will help in gleaning insights and using them for future reference. This step is significant in empowering the patients, rather consumers, to take charge of the kind of treatment they are receiving. The aim is thus to increase transparency between the care providers and the consumers.

The aforementioned database will enable caregivers to analyze the health conditions of the consumers, and create diet charts according to the prescribed medical advice. Besides, involving patients in rewarding programs such as non-smoking and non-drinking programs will also become easier for the healthcare institutions.

Most interestingly, healthcare organizations are also looking into the concept of collaborating big data with blockchain technology. This undoubtedly will mitigate the risks related to the manipulation of people data and safeguard the interests of the consumers by protecting all the transaction data via a ledger.