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Big Data helps Businesses Attract Customers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 17, 2018

With Big Data and smart devices gaining momentum, businesses across the globe are leveraging it in innovative ways for providing solutions to their customers. For instance, companies can observe their customers through physical stores, mobiles, smart TVs, and websites. By pooling and integrating data from various data points, businesses or organizations can discover who their most potential or valuable customers are and what leads them to spend more and so forth.

Such data does not draw more clients but also enhances customer loyalty. Two shopping trends have evolved lately. First, customers would visit shops to see the products, get an idea of how it looks and feels and then buy it online. Second, some would buy products online and then pick it up from brick and mortar stores.

In the wake of crunching data from point-of-sale machines, browsers, and in-store sensors, retailers can tailor diverse marketing and promote strategies for various clients. Big Data analysis helps businesses and organizations understand and identify the ideal ways to connect with clients and their shopping patterns.

Insights from data mining can be exceptionally helpful for making critical decisions such as where offline stores should be opened, or what should be the pricing strategy so that customers are drawn in.

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