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Big Data Refining Brand Messages

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

Big Data has become very significant for businesses, practically in every sphere of business development and management. The end of 2017 witnessed 53 percent companies either utilizing or intending to utilize big data for chief decisions, with increased representation in financial services and telecom industries.

However, data is not about only making accurate financial projections or about understanding how customers are utilizing products, but also about understanding ‘what and which’ is the apt way to communicate and reach customer base.

The predominance, as well as the prioritization of data, has already started to reshape brand messages, and this transformation will become more pronounced in the time to come.

Data has already taken a step towards redefining primary concepts, priorities, and strategies for overarching campaigns. The role of data analysts is becoming crucial. Marketing departments that were once flooded with visionaries and creative people are now looking for more data analysts - a position that is witnessing a growth in these past years. For a business to be successful, data analysis is crucial. Businesses have realized how significant data analysis currently is, hence, are recognizing its importance by rebalancing their teams and bringing in experts that are skilled with asking the apt questions. 

Also, data seems to be helping and ensuring companies recognize their ‘real’ target audience and what the audience prefers seeing. Understanding behaviors, motivations, and habits of customers can hugely change the message created for them.

Besides, data is taking companies in the direction of new platforms and mediums for customer communication. With available data, companies can give up mediums that do not live up to performance in place of new and beneficial ones. Moreover, companies are moving towards platforms that allow more user data to be collected so that they could get clear insights into customers and their interactions.