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Big Data: The Fuel for Personalization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Web personalization is steadily gaining popularity in the market today, with big data fueling the engine! The more exploitable data that a company has, the easier it is for them to increase and optimize their web personalization proposals. But personalization demands the commitment of resources to the development of the business, particularly in the initial stages. Further, it is useless to invest time in data that may be mediocre or curtailed. This demands a well-defined strategic plan in order to work directly with the IT team, in an effort to define the basic data that is required to support the personalization. Followed by this first step are the remaining stages, inclusive of gathering, grouping and managing the data. One of the common areas where personalization fails is lack of attention to the design of systems.

So how does one go about building the ideal personalization strategy? First off, ensure that it is not all-encompassing in the first go. Start slow and work on perfecting the basics; start with the homepage and then move to higher levels like retargeting, or email. It is essential to get the simpler parts in synchronization with personalization before moving onto complex strategies. The second step involves testing: ensure that testing of personalization is done often. Most companies include the initial testing but leave out the process of continually doing so, which in effect adds on to perfecting it. Thirdly, make sure you capture the right data; it’s time to pay attention to the data gathering skills of the business. Ensure that enough insights are gathered from the web personalization goals. Lastly, understand the source of your data, which in effect, provides the liberty of painting a complete profile of the customers onboard and help personalize their experience.