Big Data- The Game Changer in Aviation Industry.
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Big Data- The Game Changer in Aviation Industry.

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 31, 2018

With the advent of big data era, dealing with huge data is challenging. Industries such as aviation that generates data around 20TB frequently through pilot reports, incident reports, control position, warning reports etc, should use these data more wisely through monitoring and analysis. By using technologies like big data analytics and AI, a customer-centric approach can be implemented to increase profit margins, as aviation industry is a customer-centered industry. With aviation industry facing pressures like tight and narrowing profit margins amidst intense competition, the use of big data can be the game changer here.

 Leveraging vital insights, several airlines have designed apps that provide customer services like incentive air miles, bag-tracking service etc. However, this can be used on a higher scale through innovative ideas that can tap into the behemoth of data generated annually. Using big data the customer satisfaction can be increased through wearable technology and IOT, Understanding customer interactions and creating more insights in customer behaviors, a better understanding of individual passenger, through which strategic decisions can be made in the present competitive scenario that is prevailing in the aviation industry. By using data from the incident report, control position and warning report, the safety and security of aircrafts can be optimized by integrating automation techniques. This optimizes the expenditure that is spent on flight safety system.

The future of aviation industry will be defined by the ability to obtain and process the huge amount of consumer data, by offering personalized and tailor-made interaction with consumers, and to reduce redundant variability for airline companies and airports.

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