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Big data to Reform Healthcare

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 15, 2018

Big data when utilized properly has the power to enhance any business. Particularly, in health care, it has the ability to transfer data into helpful information’s that can reduce cost, improve patient’s health and provide employee satisfaction. According to a report by McKinsey, Creative use of big data by the U.S. healthcare providers to drive quality and productivity can generate more than $300 billion value in the public sector.

Big data enables doctors and healthcare professionals to gain more information about individual patients. It helps the doctors in coming up with unique solutions after diagnosing patients instead of providing general care, building a healthy doctor-patient relationship. It also stores patients personal information, as re-admission in emergency cases is a common thing in healthcare.  

Medication errors are always a serious issue as consuming wrong medicines could be fatal, and healthcare organizations are using big data to address this issue. Big data analytics can detect medical fraud and identify theft, which can save the industry from severe data breaches.

Transparency in data analysis, storage and collection are important. In accordance to that, many hospitals are sharing their data policies on their websites for the customers to easily access. Simultaneously, proper data integration can drastically reduce the healthcare expense.

Aiming to provide standard care, Companies are coming up with new ideas of wearable devices like health watches, mHealth apps, and web-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets by the help of which patients can take care of themselves to an extent, without doctor’s guidance.

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