Big Switch Networks Introduces Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 to Strengthen SDN Data Centers

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 5, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Big Switch Networks, a provider of modern data center networking, announces the availability of Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) 2.5 that brings hyperscale data center design principles to cloud environments, a bare metal Software-Defined Network (SDN) fabric to replace box-by-box networking.

The BCF enhances data center networking and cloud orchestration as well as provides support for VMware virtual server, Dell open network switches and hypervisors. The new switch fabric expands footprints within existing customer environments to attract mainstream data center customers implementing Big Switch’s ‘land and expand’ strategy.

VMware Virtual Server Support

BCF 2.5 supports VMware vSphere server virtualization by integrating BCF controller into VMware vCenter to automatically generate network on the physical SDN fabric. The controller works as a single point of integration with vCenter for entire 16-rack leaf-spine Clos fabric to simplify programmatic interaction across virtual and physical networks.

The BCF controller Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides insights over all Virtual Machines (VMs) with VM’s mobility. BCF also supports vSphere-based cloud environments engineered by CloudStack, an open source cloud computing software to create, manage and deploy large number of VMs in cloud environment.

Dell Open Network Switches

Dell Open Networking switches leverages BCF for hardware and software disaggregation with the use of Big Tap monitoring Fabric, an advanced network monitoring solution. Along with it, the BCF also supports Dell S6000-ON, a disaggregated hardware and software data center networking solution to deploy modern workloads and applications. Dell offers customers supporting reference architectures with the resell of BCF as well as Big Tap Monitoring Fabric.

Fabric Analytics

BCF 2.5 offers Fabric Analytics that comprises an abstracted and centralized control plane to improve network monitoring with features such as real-time analytics, data visualization and correlation. With these comprehensive features, Fabric Analytics delivers deep data insight, trends and events identification by processing aggregated logs and fabric-wide statistics.

The analytics also helps predefine filtering, failure detection and log analysis. With these capabilities, network operators can fix any network issues and failure throughout the fabric in no time. Any configuration changes through GUI or Command Line Interface (CLI) across entire fabric are visible in BCF controller that helps find out inappropriate access and root cause issues at lesser time and cost compared to the traditional physical box-by-box management approach.

Support for Hypervisor

The new version BCF will provide support for various hypervisors (Virtual Machine Monitors) such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix XenServer. The switching fabric also delivers full workload flexibility by adjoining the virtualized servers and physical servers within a fabric. It also gives choice of cloud orchestrations to data center operators by supporting CloudStack as well as Citrix Cloud Platform. Furthermore, BCF continues OpenStack support for Red Hat and Mirantis distributions for cloud environments.

Deployment Flexibility

BCF 2.5 supports high-performance storage arrays, software-defined storage and ultra-high performance computing use cases providing support for 40G leaf switches. The switching fiber also gives flexibility options for deployment such as: low cost fabrics by combining 10G leaf and 10G switches; storage-aware clouds by connecting a mixed 10G and 40G leaf switches to 40G spines; and very high performance fabrics by attaching 40G leaf and spine switches.